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"Solvation Effects on Dissociative Electron Attachment to Thymine"
Maeve McAllister and Nazila Kazemigazestane and Liam T. Henry and Bin Gu and Ilya Fabrikant and Gareth A. Tribello and Jorge Kohanoff, January 2019

"Insights into mechanochemical reactions at the molecular level: simulated indentations of aspirin and meloxicam crystals"
Michael Ferguson and M. Silvina Moyano and Gareth A. Tribello and Deborah E. Crawford and Eduardo M. Bringa and Stuart L. James and Jorge Kohanoff and Mario G. Del Pópolo, January 2019

"Production of H 2 by water radiolysis in cement paste under electron irradiation: A joint experimental and theoretical study"
Sophie Le Caër, Lucile Dezerald, Khaoula Boukari, Maxime Lainé, Sébastien Taupin, Ryan M. Kavanagh, Conrad S.N. Johnston, Eddy Foy, Thibault Charpentier, Konrad J. Krakowiak, Roland J.-M. Pellenq, Franz J. Ulm, Gareth A. Tribello, Jorge Kohanoff, Andres Saúl, June 2017

"Probing the Unfolded Configurations of a β-Hairpin Using Sketch-Map"
Albert Ardevol and Gareth A. Tribello and Michele Ceriotti and Michele Parrinello, February 2015

"Understanding the Interaction between Low-Energy Electrons and DNA Nucleotides in Aqueous Solution"
Maeve McAllister and Maeve Smyth and Bin Gu and Gareth A. Tribello and Jorge Kohanoff, July 2015

"Demonstrating the Transferability and the Descriptive Power of Sketch-Map"
Ceriotti,M. and Tribello,G. and Parrinello,M. and, 2013

"Locating binding poses in protein-ligand systems using reconnaissance metadynamics"
Soderhjelm,P. and Tribello,G. and Parrinello,M., 2012

"Using sketch-map coordinates to analyze and bias molecular dynamics simulations"
Tribello,G. and Ceriotti,M. and Parrinello,M., 2012

"Simplifying the representation of complex free-energy landscapes using sketch-map"
Ceriotti,M. and Tribello,G. Parrinello,M., 2011

"Surface energy and surface proton order of the ice Ih basal and prism surfaces"
Pang,D. and Liu,L. and . Tribello,G. and Slater,B. and Michaelides,A. and Wang,E., 2011

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