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"Ionic liquids tethered to a preorganised 1,2-diamide motif for extraction of lanthanides"
Robert Boyd and Lili Jin and Peter Nockemann and Peter K. J. Robertson and Lorenzo Stella and Ritesh Ruhela and Kenneth R. Seddon and H. Q. Nimal Gunaratne, March 2019

"Development and Optimization of an Immobilized Photocatalytic System within a Stacked Frame Photoreactor (SFPR) Using Light Distribution and Fluid Mixing Simulation Coupled with Experimental Validation"
Con Boyle and Nathan Skillen and Lorenzo Stella and Peter K. J. Robertson, January 2019

"Modelling a Bistable System Strongly Coupled to a Debye Bath: A Quasiclassical Approach Based on the Generalised Langevin Equation"
Lorenzo Stella and Herve Ness and Christian Lorenz and Lev Kantorovich, March 2018

"Nonequilibrium generalised Langevin equation for the calculation of heat transport properties in model 1D atomic chains coupled to two 3D thermal baths"
H. Ness and L. Stella and C. D. Lorenz and L. Kantorovich, April 2017

"Improving the crystallinity and magnetocaloric effect of the perovskite La0.65Sr0.35MnO3 using microwave irradiation"
Katherine McBride and Suzanne Bennington-Gray and James Cook and Lorenzo Stella and Solveig Felton and Danai Poulidi, June 2017

"An introduction to zwitterionic salts"
Marijana Blesic and Brendan F. Gilmore and John D. Holbrey and Johan Jacquemin and Gaelle Level and Peter Nockemann and Lorenzo Stella, July 2017

"Nonequilibrium processes from generalized Langevin equations: Realistic nanoscale systems connected to two thermal baths"
H. Ness and A. Genina and L. Stella and C. D. Lorenz and L. Kantorovich, May 2016

"c-number quantum generalized Langevin equation for an open system"
L. Kantorovich and H. Ness and L. Stella and C. D. Lorenz, November 2016

"Projected equations of motion approach to hybrid quantum/classical dynamics in dielectric-metal composites"
Ryan J. McMillan and Lorenzo Stella and Myrta Grüning, September 2016

"Picosecond metrology of laser-driven proton bursts"
B. Dromey and M. Coughlan and L. Senje and M. Taylor and S. Kuschel and B. Villagomez-Bernabe and R. Stefanuik and G. Nersisyan and L. Stella and J. Kohanoff and M. Borghesi and F. Currell and D. Riley and D. Jung and C.-G. Wahlström and C.L.S. Lewis and M. Zepf, February 2016

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