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"Determining the electronic structure and chemical potentials of molecules in solution"
Murdock,S.E. and Lynden-Bell,R.M. and Kohanoff,J. and Sexton,G.J., 2002

"Ferroelectricity and Isotope Effects in Hydrogen-Bonded KDP Crystals"
S. Koval and J. Kohanoff and R. L. Migoni and E. Tosatti, October 2002

"Ab initio simulation of charged slabs at constant chemical potential"
A. Y. Lozovoi and A. Alavi and J. Kohanoff and R. M. Lynden-Bell, July 2002

"Relevance of Heterometallic Binding Energy for Metal Underpotential Deposition"
C. G. Sanchez and E. P. M. Leiva and J. Kohanoff, July 2002

"Concertedness and solvent effects in multiple proton transfer reactions: The formic acid dimer in solution"
J. Kohanoff and S. Koval and D. A. Estrin and D. Laria and Y. Abashkin, July 2002

"Elasticity and mechanical instabilities of diamond at megabar stresses: Implications for diamond-anvil-cell research"
Ji-Jun Zhao and S. Scandolo and J. Kohanoff and G. L. Chiarotti and E. Tosatti, July 2002

"The status of the low-temperature phase diagram of hydrogen at the turn of the century"
Jorge Kohanoff, December 2002

"Dipole-Quadrupole Interactions and the Nature of Phase III of Compressed Hydrogen"
Jorge Kohanoff and Sandro Scandolo and Stefano de Gironcoli and Erio Tosatti, July 2002

"Optimal basis set for electronic structure calculations in periodic systems"
Sandro Scandolo and Jorge Kohanoff, July 2002

"Linear Scaling DFT Calculations with Numerical Atomic Orbitals"
Ordejon,P. and Artacho,E. and Cachau,R. and Gale,J. and Garcia,A. and Junquera,J. and Kohanoff,J. and Machado,M. and Sanchez-Portal,D. and Soler,J.M. and Weht,R. and, 2001

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