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"Phonons, Instabilities "
Colizzi,G. and Lasave,J. and Kohanoff,J.J. and Migoni,R., 2010

" Shell Model Study of Local "
Koval,S. and Lasave,J. and Kohanoff,J.J and Migoni,R., 2010

"Self-consistent geometry in the computation of the vibrational spectra of molecules"
Iván Scivetti and Jorge Kohanoff and Nikitas Gidopoulos, August 2009

"General local and rectilinear vibrational coordinates consistent with Eckart’s conditions"
Iván Scivetti and Jorge Kohanoff and Nikitas I. Gidopoulos, March 2009

"A shell model for the H-bonded ferroelectric KH2PO4"
J. Lasave and J. Kohanoff and R.L. Migoni and S. Koval, June 2009

"First-principles molecular dynamics simulations of the interaction of ionic projectiles with liquid water and ice"
Kohanoff,J. and Artacho,E., June 2008

"Evidence of Short-Range Screening in Shock-Compressed Aluminum Plasma"
E. García Saiz and G. Gregori and F. Y. Khattak and J. Kohanoff and S. Sahoo and G. Shabbir Naz and S. Bandyopadhyay and M. Notley and R. L. Weber and D. Riley, August 2008

"Effect of quantization of vibrations on the structural properties of crystals"
Iván Scivetti and Nikitas Gidopoulos and Jorge Kohanoff, December 2008

"Compton scatter profiles for warm dense matter"
S. Sahoo and G. F. Gribakin and G. Shabbir Naz and J. Kohanoff and D. Riley, April 2008

"Nuclear quantum effects on the structural properties of solids"
Scivetti,I. and Hughes,D. and Gidopoulos,N. and Caro,A. and Kohanoff,J. and, September 2007

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