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"Organic Synthesis in the Interstellar Medium by Low-Energy Carbon Irradiation"
E. J. McBride and T. J. Millar and J. J. Kohanoff, May 2013

"Nonadiabatic Forces in Ion-Solid Interactions: The Initial Stages of Radiation Damage"
Alfredo A. Correa and Jorge Kohanoff and Emilio Artacho and Daniel Sánchez-Portal and Alfredo Caro, May 2012

"Electronic Stopping Power in Gold: The Role ofdElectrons and theH/HeAnomaly"
M. Ahsan Zeb and J. Kohanoff and D. Sánchez-Portal and A. Arnau and J. I. Juaristi and Emilio Artacho, June 2012

"Excess Electron Interactions with Solvated DNA Nucleotides: Strand Breaks Possible at Room Temperature"
Maeve Smyth and Jorge Kohanoff, May 2012

"Dispersion interactions in room-temperature ionic liquids: Results from a non-empirical density functional"
Kohanoff,J.J. and Pinilla,C. and Youngs,T.G.A. and Artacho,E. and Soler,J.M, 2011

"Ab Initio "
Koval,S. and Lasave,J. and Migoni,R.L and Kohanoff,J.J and Dalal,N.S, 2011

"On the treatment of "
Scivetti,I. and Kohanoff,J.J. and Gidopoulos,N.I., 2011

"Dry Excess Electrons in Room-Temperature Ionic Liquids"
Claudio J. Margulis and Harsha V. R. Annapureddy and Pablo M. De Biase and David Coker and Jorge Kohanoff and Mario G. Del Pópolo, October 2011

"Excess Electron Localization in Solvated DNA Bases"
Maeve Smyth and Jorge Kohanoff, June 2011

"A tight binding model for water"
A. T. Paxton and J. J. Kohanoff, January 2011

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