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"Two-photon absorption in two-dimensional materials: The case of hexagonal boron nitride"
Claudio Attaccalite and Myrta Grüning and Hakim Amara and Sylvain Latil and François Ducastelle, October 2018

"Direct and indirect band gaps in Ge under biaxial tensile strain investigated by photoluminescence and photoreflectance studies"
D. Saladukha and M. B. Clavel and F. Murphy-Armando and G. Greene-Diniz and M. Grüning and M. K. Hudait and T. J. Ochalski, May 2018

"Spectroscopic Size and Thickness Metrics for Liquid-Exfoliated h-BN"
Aideen Griffin and Andrew Harvey and Brian Cunningham and Declan Scullion and Tian Tian and Chih-Jen Shih and Myrta Gruening and John F Donegan and Elton J. G. Santos and Claudia Backes and Jonathan N. Coleman, March 2018

"Satellite valleys and strained band gap transition of bulk Ge: Impact of pseudopotential approximations on quasiparticle levels"
G. Greene-Diniz and J.C. Abreu and M. Grüning, March 2018

"Effect of ladder diagrams on optical absorption spectra in a quasiparticle self-consistent "
Brian Cunningham and Myrta Grüning and Pooya Azarhoosh and Dimitar Pashov and Mark van Schilfgaarde, March 2018

"Excitonic effects in third-harmonic generation: The case of carbon nanotubes and nanoribbons"
C. Attaccalite and E. Cannuccia and M. Grüning, March 2017

"Optical properties of periodic systems within the current-current response framework: Pitfalls and remedies"
Davide Sangalli and J. A. Berger and Claudio Attaccalite and Myrta Grüning and Pina Romaniello, April 2017

"Dielectrics in a time-dependent electric field: A real-time approach based on density-polarization functional theory"
M. Grüning and D. Sangalli and C. Attaccalite, July 2016

"Projected equations of motion approach to hybrid quantum/classical dynamics in dielectric-metal composites"
Ryan J. McMillan and Lorenzo Stella and Myrta Grüning, September 2016

"Performance of polarisation functionals for linear and nonlinear optical properties of bulk zinc chalcogenides ZnX (X"
M. Grüning and C. Attaccalite, April 2016

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