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"Electron-induced hydrogen loss in uracil in a water cluster environment"
M. Smyth and J. Kohanoff and I. I. Fabrikant, May 2014

"Universal tight binding model for chemical reactions in solution and at surfaces. I. Organic molecules"
T. J. Sheppard and A. Y. Lozovoi and D. L. Pashov and J. J. Kohanoff and A. T. Paxton, July 2014

"Current-induced forces: a simple derivation"
Tchavdar N Todorov and Daniel Dundas and Jing-Tao Lü and Mads Brandbyge and Per Hedegård, September 2014

"Direct Observation of a Long-Lived Single-Atom Catalyst Chiseling Atomic Structures in Graphene"
Wei Li Wang and Elton J. G. Santos and Bin Jiang and Ekin Dogus Cubuk and Colin Ophus and Alba Centeno and Amaia Pesquera and Amaia Zurutuza and Jim Ciston and Robert Westervelt and Efthimios Kaxiras, January 2014

"Demonstrating the Transferability and the Descriptive Power of Sketch-Map"
Ceriotti,M. and Tribello,G. and Parrinello,M. and, 2013

"Electric-Field Dependence of the Effective Dieletric Constant in Graphene Materials"
Santos,E. and Kaxiras,E., March 2013

"Chemical and Electrochemical Oxidation of Silicon Surfaces Functionalized with APTES: The Role of Surface Roughness in the AuNPs Anchoring Kinetics"
Joaquín Klug and Luis A. Pérez and Eduardo A. Coronado and Gabriela I. Lacconi, May 2013

"Performance of Nonlocal Optics When Applied to Plasmonic Nanostructures"
Lorenzo Stella and Pu Zhang and F. J. García-Vidal and Angel Rubio and P. García-González, April 2013

"Nonlinear optics from anab initioapproach by means of the dynamical Berry phase: Application to second- and third-harmonic generation in semiconductors"
C. Attaccalite and M. Grüning, December 2013

"Magnetoelectric effect in functionalized few-layer graphene"
Elton J. G. Santos, May 2013

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