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"Electron-phonon thermalization in a scalable method for real-time quantum dynamics"
Valerio Rizzi and Tchavdar N. Todorov and Jorge J. Kohanoff and Alfredo A. Correa, January 2016

"Efficient Blue Electroluminescence Using Quantum-Confined Two-Dimensional Perovskites"
Sudhir Kumar and Jakub Jagielski and Sergii Yakunin and Peter Rice and Yu-Cheng Chiu and Mingchao Wang and Georgian Nedelcu and Yeongin Kim and Shangchao Lin and Elton J. G. Santos and Maksym V. Kovalenko and Chih-Jen Shih, September 2016

"Multiscale Analysis for Field-Effect Penetration through Two-Dimensional Materials"
Tian Tian and Peter Rice and Elton J. G. Santos and Chih-Jen Shih, July 2016

"Origin of scale-free intermittency in structural first-order phase transitions"
Francisco J. Perez-Reche and Carles Triguero and Giovanni Zanzotto and Lev Truskinovsky, October 2016

"A boron nitride - graphene - C60 heterostructure"
Ojeda-Aristizabal,C. and Santos,E.J.G. and Onishi,S. and Rasool,H. and Velasco,J.,Jr. and Kahn,S. and Yan,A. and Zettl,A., 2015

"Abstract: M8.00007 : Graphene Template for Epitaxial Growth of Pentacene and C60 Thin Film"
Kwanpyo,K. and Santos,E.J.G. and Lee,T.H. and Nishi,Y. and Bao,Z., 2015

"Abstract: W26.00010 : Screened Hybrid Exact Exchange Schemes to Adsorption Energies on Perovskite Oxides"
Santos,E. and Vojvodic,A. and Norskov,J.K., 2015

"Applications of the generalized Langevin equation: Towards a realistic description of the baths"
H. Ness and L. Stella and C. D. Lorenz and L. Kantorovich, January 2015

"Length Matters: Keeping Atomic Wires in Check"
Brian Cunningham and Tchavdar N. Todorov and Daniel Dundas, March 2015

"Strong second harmonic generation in SiC, ZnO, GaN two-dimensional hexagonal crystals from first-principles many-body calculations"
C. Attaccalite and A. Nguer and E. Cannuccia and M. Grüning, February 2015

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