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"Picosecond metrology of laser-driven proton bursts"
B. Dromey and M. Coughlan and L. Senje and M. Taylor and S. Kuschel and B. Villagomez-Bernabe and R. Stefanuik and G. Nersisyan and L. Stella and J. Kohanoff and M. Borghesi and F. Currell and D. Riley and D. Jung and C.-G. Wahlström and C.L.S. Lewis and M. Zepf, February 2016

"Rocking Behaviour of Multi-Block Columns Subjected to Pulse-Type Ground Motion Accelerations"
Giovanni Minafò and Giuseppina Amato and Lorenzo Stella, May 2016

"Synthesis, characterisation and study of magnetocaloric effects (enhanced and reduced) in manganate perovskites"
K. McBride and N. Partridge and S. Bennington-Gray and S. Felton and L. Stella and D. Poulidi, December 2016

"Performance of polarisation functionals for linear and nonlinear optical properties of bulk zinc chalcogenides ZnX (X"
M. Grüning and C. Attaccalite, April 2016

"Mixing regime simulation and cellulose particle tracing in a stacked frame photocatalytic reactor"
Sanjay Nagarajan and Lorenzo Stella and Linda A. Lawton and John T.S. Irvine and Peter K.J. Robertson, December 2016

"High-order-harmonic generation in benzene with linearly and circularly polarized laser pulses"
Abigail Wardlow and Daniel Dundas, February 2016

"Efficient simulations with electronic open boundaries"
Andrew P. Horsfield and Max Boleininger and Roberto D'Agosta and Vyas Iyer and Aaron Thong and Tchavdar N. Todorov and Catherine White, August 2016

"Electron-phonon thermalization in a scalable method for real-time quantum dynamics"
Valerio Rizzi and Tchavdar N. Todorov and Jorge J. Kohanoff and Alfredo A. Correa, January 2016

"Efficient Blue Electroluminescence Using Quantum-Confined Two-Dimensional Perovskites"
Sudhir Kumar and Jakub Jagielski and Sergii Yakunin and Peter Rice and Yu-Cheng Chiu and Mingchao Wang and Georgian Nedelcu and Yeongin Kim and Shangchao Lin and Elton J. G. Santos and Maksym V. Kovalenko and Chih-Jen Shih, September 2016

"Multiscale Analysis for Field-Effect Penetration through Two-Dimensional Materials"
Tian Tian and Peter Rice and Elton J. G. Santos and Chih-Jen Shih, July 2016

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