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"Dipole-Quadrupole Interactions and the Nature of Phase III of Compressed Hydrogen"
Jorge Kohanoff and Sandro Scandolo and Stefano de Gironcoli and Erio Tosatti, July 2002

"The structure and spectroscopy of monolayers of water on MgO: An ab initio study"
L. Delle Site and A. Alavi and R. M. Lynden-Bell, July 2002

"Power dissipation in nanoscale conductors"
M J Montgomery and T N Todorov and A P Sutton, July 2002

"Theoretical Considerations of Electrochemical Phase Formation for an Ideal Frank-van der Merwe System"
M. C. Giménez and M. G. Del Pópolo and E. P. M. Leiva and S. G. Garcı́a and D. R. Salinas and C. E. Mayer and W. J. Lorenz, July 2002

"Generation of palladium clusters on Au(111) electrodes: Experiments and simulations"
M. Del Popolo and E. Leiva and H. Kleine and J. Meier and U. Stimming and M. Mariscal and W. Schmickler, September 2002

"Bain transformation inCuxPd1−x (x∼0.5)alloys: An embedded-atom study"
M. G. Donato and P. Ballone and P. V. Giaquinta, July 2002

"Simulation Study of Pd Submonolayer Films on Au(hkl) and Pt(hkl) and Their Relationship to Underpotential Deposition"
M. I. Rojas and M. G. Del Pópolo and E. P. M. Leiva, July 2002

"Model calculations for copper clusters on Au(111) surfaces"
M.G Del Pópolo and E.P.M Leiva and W Schmickler, July 2002

"2D-drop model applied to the calculation of step formation energies on a (111) substrate"
M.I Rojas and G.E Amilibia and M.G Del Pópolo and E.P.M Leiva, October 2002

"Kinetic Monte Carlo Study of Electrochemical Growth in a Heteroepitaxial System"
María C. Giménez and Mario G. Del Pópolo and Ezequiel P. M. Leiva, November 2002

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