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"Correlated electron-ion dynamics in metallic systems"
A.P. Horsfield and M. Finnis and M. Foulkes and J. LePage and D. Mason and C. Race and A.P. Sutton and D.R. Bowler and A.J. Fisher and R. Miranda and L. Stella and A.M. Stoneham and D. Dundas and E. McEniry and T.N. Todorov and C.G. Sánchez, March 2008

"Boron in copper: A perfect misfit in the bulk and cohesion enhancer at a grain boundary"
A. Y. Lozovoi and A. T. Paxton, April 2008

"Interatomic potential for the Cu-Ta system and its application to surface wetting and dewetting"
Adham Hashibon and Alexander Y. Lozovoi and Yuri Mishin and Christian Elsässer and Peter Gumbsch, March 2008

"Negative heat capacities do occur. Comment on “Critical analysis of negative heat capacities in nanoclusters” by Michaelian K. and Santamaría-Holek I."
D. Lynden-Bell and R. M. Lynden-Bell, May 2008

"Evidence of Short-Range Screening in Shock-Compressed Aluminum Plasma"
E. García Saiz and G. Gregori and F. Y. Khattak and J. Kohanoff and S. Sahoo and G. Shabbir Naz and S. Bandyopadhyay and M. Notley and R. L. Weber and D. Riley, August 2008

"Switching on magnetism in Ni-doped graphene: Density functional calculations"
E. J. G. Santos and A. Ayuela and S. B. Fagan and J. Mendes Filho and D. L. Azevedo and A. G. Souza Filho and D. Sánchez-Portal, November 2008

"Inelastic quantum transport in nanostructures: The self-consistent Born approximation and correlated electron-ion dynamics"
Eunan J. McEniry and Thomas Frederiksen and Tchavdar N. Todorov and Daniel Dundas and Andrew P. Horsfield, July 2008

"The importance of solvent reorganisation in the effect of an ionic liquid on a unimolecular substitution process"
Hon Man Yau and Susan A. Barnes and James M. Hook and Tristan G. A. Youngs and Anna K. Croft and Jason B. Harper, June 2008

"Effect of quantization of vibrations on the structural properties of crystals"
Iván Scivetti and Nikitas Gidopoulos and Jorge Kohanoff, December 2008

"Electronic structure of the nitrogen-vacancy center in diamond from first-principles theory"
J. A. Larsson and P. Delaney, April 2008

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