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"Spontaneous spin polarization in geometrically constricted metal nanowires"
R. Cortes-Huerto and P. Ballone, December 2009

"Atom probe tomography analysis of the distribution of rhenium in nickel alloys"
A. Mottura and N. Warnken and M.K. Miller and M.W. Finnis and R.C. Reed, November 2009

"Multi-pulse scheme for enhancing electron localization through vibrational wavepacket manipulation"
C R Calvert and R B King and W A Bryan and W R Newell and J F McCann and J B Greenwood and I D Williams, December 2009

"Structure of warm dense matter via angularly resolved x-ray scatter"
D Riley and J J Angulo Gareta and E García Saiz and F Y Khattak and J Kohanoff and S Sahoo and G Shabbir Naz and S F C Shearer and K A Thornton and C Gregory and N C Woolsey and M Notley and D Neely, November 2009

"Current-driven atomic waterwheels"
Daniel Dundas and Eunan J. McEniry and Tchavdar N. Todorov, February 2009

"Current-assisted cooling in atomic wires"
Eunan J McEniry and Tchavdar N Todorov and Daniel Dundas, April 2009

"Atomistic studies of ⟨101] screw dislocation core structures and glide in γ-TiAl"
I.H. Katzarov and A.T. Paxton, July 2009

"A shell model for the H-bonded ferroelectric KH2PO4"
J. Lasave and J. Kohanoff and R.L. Migoni and S. Koval, June 2009

"Density functional theory based screening of ternary alkali-transition metal borohydrides: A computational material design project"
J. S. Hummelshøj and D. D. Landis and J. Voss and T. Jiang and A. Tekin and N. Bork and M. Dułak and J. J. Mortensen and L. Adamska and J. Andersin and J. D. Baran and G. D. Barmparis and F. Bell and A. L. Bezanilla and J. Bjork and M. E. Björketun and F. Bleken and F. Buchter and M. Bürkle and P. D. Burton and B. B. Buus and A. Calborean and F. Calle-Vallejo and S. Casolo and B. D. Chandler and D. H. Chi and I Czekaj and S. Datta and A. Datye and A. DeLaRiva and V Despoja and S. Dobrin and M. Engelund and L. Ferrighi and P. Frondelius and Q. Fu and A. Fuentes and J. Fürst and A. García-Fuente and J. Gavnholt and R. Goeke and S. Gudmundsdottir and K. D. Hammond and H. A. Hansen and D. Hibbitts and E. Hobi and J. G. Howalt and S. L. Hruby and A. Huth and L. Isaeva and J. Jelic and I. J. T. Jensen and K. A. Kacprzak and A. Kelkkanen and D. Kelsey and D. S. Kesanakurthi and J. Kleis and P. J. Klüpfel and I Konstantinov and R. Korytar and P. Koskinen and C. Krishna and E. Kunkes and A. H. Larsen and J. M. G. Lastra and H. Lin and O. Lopez-Acevedo and M. Mantega and J. I. Martínez and I. N. Mesa and D. J. Mowbray and J. S. G. Mýrdal and Y. Natanzon and A. Nistor and T. Olsen and H. Park and L. S. Pedroza and V Petzold and C. Plaisance and J. A. Rasmussen and H. Ren and M. Rizzi and A. S. Ronco and C. Rostgaard and S. Saadi and L. A. Salguero and E. J. G. Santos and A. L. Schoenhalz and J. Shen and M. Smedemand and O. J. Stausholm-Møller and M. Stibius and M. Strange and H. B. Su and B. Temel and A. Toftelund and V Tripkovic and M. Vanin and V Viswanathan and A. Vojvodic and S. Wang and J. Wellendorff and K. S. Thygesen and J. Rossmeisl and T. Bligaard and K. W. Jacobsen and J. K. Nørskov and T. Vegge, July 2009

"Vacancy segregation in the initial oxidation stages of the TiN(100) surface"
Janina Zimmermann and Mike W. Finnis and Lucio Colombi Ciacchi, April 2009

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