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"Two-photon absorption in two-dimensional materials: The case of hexagonal boron nitride"
Claudio Attaccalite and Myrta Grüning and Hakim Amara and Sylvain Latil and François Ducastelle, October 2018

"Direct and indirect band gaps in Ge under biaxial tensile strain investigated by photoluminescence and photoreflectance studies"
D. Saladukha and M. B. Clavel and F. Murphy-Armando and G. Greene-Diniz and M. Grüning and M. K. Hudait and T. J. Ochalski, May 2018

"Modelling a Bistable System Strongly Coupled to a Debye Bath: A Quasiclassical Approach Based on the Generalised Langevin Equation"
Lorenzo Stella and Herve Ness and Christian Lorenz and Lev Kantorovich, March 2018

"Efficient electron open boundaries for simulating electrochemical cells"
Mario G. Zauchner and Andrew P. Horsfield and Tchavdar N. Todorov, January 2018

"Strain Engineering and Raman Spectroscopy of Monolayer Transition Metal Dichalcogenides"
A. M. Dadgar and D. Scullion and K. Kang and D. Esposito and E. H. Yang and I. P. Herman and M. A. Pimenta and E.-J. G. Santos and A. N. Pasupathy, July 2018

"Spectroscopic Size and Thickness Metrics for Liquid-Exfoliated h-BN"
Aideen Griffin and Andrew Harvey and Brian Cunningham and Declan Scullion and Tian Tian and Chih-Jen Shih and Myrta Gruening and John F Donegan and Elton J. G. Santos and Claudia Backes and Jonathan N. Coleman, March 2018

"Satellite valleys and strained band gap transition of bulk Ge: Impact of pseudopotential approximations on quasiparticle levels"
G. Greene-Diniz and J.C. Abreu and M. Grüning, March 2018

"Mechanism of Gold-Assisted Exfoliation of Centimeter-Sized Transition-Metal Dichalcogenide Monolayers"
Matěj Velický and Gavin E. Donnelly and William R. Hendren and Stephen McFarland and Declan Scullion and William J. I. DeBenedetti and Gabriela Calinao Correa and Yimo Han and Andrew J. Wain and Melissa A. Hines and David A. Muller and Kostya S. Novoselov and Héctor D. Abruña and Robert M. Bowman and Elton J. G. Santos and Fumin Huang, September 2018

"Emergent chirality in the electric polarization texture of titanate superlattices"
Padraic Shafer and Pablo García-Fernández and Pablo Aguado-Puente and Anoop R. Damodaran and Ajay K. Yadav and Christopher T. Nelson and Shang-Lin Hsu and Jacek C. Wojdeł and Jorge Íñiguez and Lane W. Martin and Elke Arenholz and Javier Junquera and Ramamoorthy Ramesh, January 2018

"Magnetism in semiconducting molybdenum dichalcogenides"
Z. Guguchia and A. Kerelsky and D. Edelberg and S. Banerjee and F. von Rohr and D. Scullion and M. Augustin and M. Scully and D. A. Rhodes and Z. Shermadini and H. Luetkens and A. Shengelaya and C. Baines and E. Morenzoni and A. Amato and J. C. Hone and R. Khasanov and S. J. L. Billinge and E. Santos and A. N. Pasupathy and Y. J. Uemura, December 2018

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