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"Clusters, Liquids, and Crystals of Dialkyimidazolium Salts. A Combined Perspective from ab Initio and Classical Computer Simulations"
Mario G. Del Pópolo and Jorge Kohanoff and Ruth M. Lynden-Bell and Carlos Pinilla, November 2007

"Neutral and Charged 1-Butyl-3-methylimidazolium Triflate Clusters:  Equilibrium Concentration in the Vapor Phase and Thermal Properties of Nanometric Droplets†"
P. Ballone and C. Pinilla and J. Kohanoff and M. G. Del Pópolo, February 2007

"Can Marcus Theory Be Applied to Redox Processes in Ionic Liquids? A Comparative Simulation Study of Dimethylimidazolium Liquids and Acetonitrile"
R. M. Lynden-Bell, August 2007

"Solvation in modified water models: towards understanding hydrophobic effects"
R. M. Lynden-bell and Teresa Head-gordon, July 2007

"Does Marcus theory apply to redox processes in ionic liquids? A simulation study"
R.M. Lynden-Bell, May 2007

"Ab initio study of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxin adsorption on single wall carbon nanotubes"
Solange B. Fagan and E.J.G. Santos and A.G. Souza Filho and J. Mendes Filho and A. Fazzio, February 2007

"Current-induced forces in atomic-scale conductors"
T. N. Todorov and J. Hoekstra and A. P. Sutton, July 2007

"The computational modeling of alloys at the atomic scale: From ab initio and thermodynamics to radiation-induced heterogeneous precipitation"
A. Caro and M. Caro and P. Klaver and B. Sadigh and E. M. Lopasso and S. G. Srinivasan, May 2007

"Simulations of Ionic Liquids, Solutions, and Surfaces"
Ruth M. Lynden-Bell and Mario G. Del Pópolo and Tristan G. A. Youngs and Jorge Kohanoff and Christof G. Hanke and Jason B. Harper and Carlos C. Pinilla, October 2007

"Interstitials in FeCr alloys studied by density functional theory"
T. P. C. Klaver and P. Olsson and M. W. Finnis, December 2007

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