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"Macroscopic limit of time-dependent density-functional theory for adiabatic local approximations of the exchange-correlation kernel"
Gruening,M. and Gonze,X., 2007

"Nuclear quantum effects on the structural properties of solids"
Scivetti,I. and Hughes,D. and Gidopoulos,N. and Caro,A. and Kohanoff,J. and, September 2007

"Quantum annealing of an Ising spin-glass by Green’s function Monte Carlo"
Lorenzo Stella and Giuseppe E. Santoro, March 2007

"Lattice melting and rotation in perpetually pulsating equilibria"
C. Pichon and D. Lynden-Bell and J. Pichon and R. Lynden-Bell, January 2007

"Magnetocaloric effect in metamagnetic systems"
Carles Triguero and Marcel Porta and Antoni Planes, October 2007

"Structure and Solvation in Ionic Liquids"
Christopher Hardacre and John D. Holbrey and Mark Nieuwenhuyzen and Tristan G. A. Youngs, June 2007

"Monte Carlo study of thermodynamic properties and clustering in the bcc Fe-Cr system"
M. Yu. Lavrentiev and R. Drautz and D. Nguyen-Manh and T. P. C. Klaver and S. L. Dudarev, January 2007

"Competition of Charge-Density Waves and Superconductivity in Sulfur"
O. Degtyareva and M. V. Magnitskaya and J. Kohanoff and G. Profeta and S. Scandolo and M. Hanfland and M. I. McMahon and E. Gregoryanz, October 2007

"Using simulation to study solvation in water"
R. M. Lynden-Bell and J. C. Rasaiah and J. P. Noworyta, October 2007

"Glucose Solvation by the Ionic Liquid 1,3-Dimethylimidazolium Chloride:  A Simulation Study"
T. G. A. Youngs and C. Hardacre and J. D. Holbrey, November 2007

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