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"Density functionals from many-body perturbation theory: The band gap for semiconductors and insulators"
Gruening,M. and Marini,A. and Rubio,A., 2006

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Gruening,M. and Marini,A. and Rubio,A. and, 2006

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"Proton ordering energetics in ice phases"
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Lorenzo Stella and Giuseppe E. Santoro and Erio Tosatti, April 2006

"Optimization through quantum annealing: theory and some applications"
D. A. Battaglia and L. Stella, October 2006

"Solvation Structure and Transport of Acidic Protons in Ionic Liquids:  A First-principles Simulation Study"
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"Structural and chemical embrittlement of grain boundaries by impurities: A general theory and first-principles calculations for copper"
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"Coupling between lattice vibrations and magnetism in Ising-like systems"
Carles Triguero and Marcel Porta and Antoni Planes, February 2006

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