Jorge Kohanoff

Jorge Kohanoff
School of Mathematics and Physics
Queen's University Belfast
University Road
Belfast BT7 1NN
028 9097 5348
Fax: 028 9097 5359
I studied Physics at the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina) where I graduated in 1986. I then moved to SISSA/ISAS in Trieste (Italy) to study for my PhD, but after obtaining an MPhil, supervised by Erio Tosatti, I was given the opportunity to continue at IBM Zurich under the supervision of Michele Parrinello. In 1993 I obtained by PhD from ETH-Zurich (Switzerland).  Following this, I spent about two years as a postdoc in ENS-Lyon (France) working with Jean-Pierre Hansen, to move back to Trieste but now to ICTP, where for 5 years I was in charge of organizing activities in the area of Electronic Structure and more generally Computational Materials Modeling.
Research Themes
My main research line at present is the modeling and simulation of irradiation processes at the first principles level.


"Solvation Effects on Dissociative Electron Attachment to Thymine"
Maeve McAllister and Nazila Kazemigazestane and Liam T. Henry and Bin Gu and Ilya Fabrikant and Gareth A. Tribello and Jorge Kohanoff, January 2019

"Insights into mechanochemical reactions at the molecular level: simulated indentations of aspirin and meloxicam crystals"
Michael Ferguson and M. Silvina Moyano and Gareth A. Tribello and Deborah E. Crawford and Eduardo M. Bringa and Stuart L. James and Jorge Kohanoff and Mario G. Del Pópolo, January 2019

"First principles simulation of damage to solvated nucleotides due to shock waves"
Alberto Fraile and Maeve Smyth and Jorge Kohanoff and Andrey V. Solov’yov, January 2019

"Effect of intrinsic defects on the thermal conductivity of PbTe from classical molecular dynamics simulations"
Javier F Troncoso and Pablo Aguado-Puente and Jorge Kohanoff, October 2019

"Ab initio study of the structure, isotope effects, and vibrational properties in KDP crystals"
R. Menchón and G. Colizzi and C. Johnston and F. Torresi and J. Lasave and S. Koval and J. Kohanoff and R. Migoni, September 2018

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