Image result for mario del popoloMario studied pharmacy at the University of Cordoba Juan Agustin Maza of Mendoza in Argentina, Argentina where he graduated in 1993. He then completed a Msc in Chemical-Physics at the National University of Cordoba, in Argentina (1997) where he completed as well a PhD in Chemistry. He was post doctoral research assistant  at the Henry Eyring Center for Theoretical Chemistry and at the Department of Chemistry University of Utah (Salt Lake City)  and at Queen’s University Belfast where he then became Lecturer and Honorary Professor. At present he is Full Professor at the  National University of Cuyo- UNCUYO (Argentina), Head of Teaching of the Degree in Basic Sciences (Chemistry) and Director of the  Biophysics & Soft Matter Group at FCEN-UNCUYO.

His research activities involve the use of computer simulations and statistical mechanics to investigate systems and processes of interest in biophysics and soft condensed matter physics. The leading motivation for his work is to develop atomistic and coarse-grained models of materials, as well as novel numerical algorithms, to simulate fluids, solids and interfaces across different time- and length-scales.

Mario's current research lines are:

- Peptides and nanoparticles' transport across bio-membranes

- Electro-optical properties of voltage-sensitive dyes in bio-membranes 

- Effect of ions and polyelectrolytes on Langmuir monolayers

- Microporous liquids, or fluids made of "hollow molecules"

- Room temperature ionic liquids

Mario is involved in WPs:


 Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales

Universidad Nacional de Cuyo

Biophysics and Soft Matter Group

Padre Jorge Contreras 1300. Parque General San Martín. 

M5502JMA. Mendoza, Argentina