Elton Santos

Elton Santos
Queen's University Belfast
University Road


"Spectroscopic Size and Thickness Metrics for Liquid-Exfoliated h-BN"
Aideen Griffin and Andrew Harvey and Brian Cunningham and Declan Scullion and Tian Tian and Chih-Jen Shih and Myrta Gruening and John F Donegan and Elton J. G. Santos and Claudia Backes and Jonathan N. Coleman, March 2018

"Strain Engineering and Raman Spectroscopy of Monolayer Transition Metal Dichalcogenides"
A. M. Dadgar and D. Scullion and K. Kang and D. Esposito and E. H. Yang and I. P. Herman and M. A. Pimenta and E.-J. G. Santos and A. N. Pasupathy, July 2018

"Mechanism of Gold-Assisted Exfoliation of Centimeter-Sized Transition-Metal Dichalcogenide Monolayers"
MatÄ›j Velický and Gavin E. Donnelly and William R. Hendren and Stephen McFarland and Declan Scullion and William J. I. DeBenedetti and Gabriela Calinao Correa and Yimo Han and Andrew J. Wain and Melissa A. Hines and David A. Muller and Kostya S. Novoselov and Héctor D. Abruña and Robert M. Bowman and Elton J. G. Santos and Fumin Huang, September 2018

"Magnetism in semiconducting molybdenum dichalcogenides"
Z. Guguchia and A. Kerelsky and D. Edelberg and S. Banerjee and F. von Rohr and D. Scullion and M. Augustin and M. Scully and D. A. Rhodes and Z. Shermadini and H. Luetkens and A. Shengelaya and C. Baines and E. Morenzoni and A. Amato and J. C. Hone and R. Khasanov and S. J. L. Billinge and E. Santos and A. N. Pasupathy and Y. J. Uemura, December 2018

"Mechanical properties of atomically thin boron nitride and the role of interlayer interactions"
Aleksey Falin and Qiran Cai and Elton J.G. Santos and Declan Scullion and Dong Qian and Rui Zhang and Zhi Yang and Shaoming Huang and Kenji Watanabe and Takashi Taniguchi and Matthew R. Barnett and Ying Chen and Rodney S. Ruoff and Lu Hua Li, June 2017

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Author: esantos

Dr. Santos was initially trained at the Donostia International Physics Center where he received a European M.Sc. (2008), and subsequently a European PhD (2011) in physics at the Danish Technical University and the University of the Basque Country. He was awarded the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) Fellowship to perform independent postdoctoral research in computational materials science in energy and functional materials. While in Harvard SEAS, he was awarded three different prizes from the American Physical Society (APS), which include the 2012, and 2013 APS March Meeting Image Gallery Awards, and the 2013 APS March Meeting Cover Award. He moved to Stanford University in 2013 to be named Research Fellow at the Department of Chemical Engineering and SLAC National Laboratory, and in 2015 Research Associate in Energy Materials. He was appointed as a Queen's Fellow at Queen's University Belfast in the United Kingdom, with a lectureship at the School of Mathematics and Physics.