Daniel Dundas

Daniel Dundas
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Queen's University Belfast
University Road
Belfast BT7 1NN
028 9097 1424


My main areas of research are:

  • Ultra-fast electron and photon driven dynamics in molecular systems
  • Non-conservative current-induced forces in nanoscale devices

As part of this research, I have developed a number of parallel codes. These include:

  • THeREMIN (vibraTing HydRogEn Molecular IoN): for describing the interaction of the hydrogen molecular ion with intense laser pulses
  • EDAMAME (Ehrenfest DynAMics on Adaptive MEshes): for describing the interaction of large molecules with intense laser pulses using time-dependent density functional theory.
  • pDINAMO: for describing current flow in nanoscale conductors using tight-binding descriptions of electronic structure.


"Driven Liouville–von Neumann Equation for Quantum Transport and Multiple-Probe Green’s Functions"
Francisco Ramírez and Daniel Dundas and Cristián G. Sánchez and Damian A. Scherlis and Tchavdar N. Todorov, April 2019

"Non-conservative forces in bulk systems"
Tchavdar N. Todorov and Brian Cunningham and Daniel Dundas and Andrew P. Horsfield, March 2017

"High-order-harmonic generation in benzene with linearly and circularly polarized laser pulses"
Abigail Wardlow and Daniel Dundas, February 2016

"Length Matters: Keeping Atomic Wires in Check"
Brian Cunningham and Tchavdar N. Todorov and Daniel Dundas, March 2015

"Nonconservative current-driven dynamics: beyond the nanoscale"
Brian Cunningham and Tchavdar N Todorov and Daniel Dundas, November 2015

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