The following is a list of PhD projects (and their supervisors) that are available in the ASC for students applying for entry in October 2017. Candidates for projects in the ASC would be expected to have an undergraduate degree in maths, physics, chemistry, or enginnering. An ability to program in either Fortran, C, or Python is desirable but not a prerequisite. Please note that these projects are reserved for UK residents.

To apply, visit: Applying to Queens

For funding eligibility criteria, please visit: Funding opportunities

For more information about anything on this page, please contact Prof. Jorge Kohanoff, or any of the supervisors named under the project titles below.

Gold nanoparticle heating for thermal cancer treatment

Supervisor: Lorenzo Stella

Quantum interactions in Nanostructures

Supervisors: Myrta Gruening and Tchavdar Todorov

Computer simulation of DNA radiation damage

Supervisors: Jorge Kohanoff, Gareth Tribello, and Tchavdar Todorov

Quantum nuclei in tiny wires

Supervisors: Tchavdar Todorov and Daniel Dundas

2D materials and their vdW heterostructures for the next generation of energy efficient devices

Supervisors: Elton Santos

Probing molecular chirality using high harmonic generation

Supervisors: Daniel Dundas and Jason Greenwood