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  1. 19 November, 2015
    Work carried out by former members Mario del Pópolo and Gavin Melaugh during their time at the ASC has been published in the journal Nature. The entire ASC family congratulate them on there achievement and hard work. More information here.

  2. 16 November, 2015

    Brian Cunningham, Tchavdar Todorov and Daniel Dundas have had their latest paper, "Nonconservative current-driven dynamics: beyond the nanoscale", published in the last week.

    It's available in Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology, here.

  3. 10 November, 2015

    Jorge Kohanoff and collaborators from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Aix-Marseille University, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and Los Alamos National Laboratory have recently published an article titled, "Cement As a Waste Form for Nuclear Fission Products: The Case of 90Sr and Its Daughters"

    Using ab initio calculations, the study investigated the long-term stability of radioactive strontium when encapsulated in cement, a common disposal route in nuclear decommissioning. The use of computational methods in this study allow for the chemical stability of each daughter product in the 90Sr decay chain to be evaluated.

    You can read the article here.

    Read MIT's announcement of this work here.

  4. 4 November, 2015

    ENACT meets in Mendoza, Argentina. Michael Ferguson (QUB), Stephen Osborne (QUB) and Aaron Byrne (UCD) are visiting the UNCUYO team, led by Mario del Popolo and Eduardo Bringa, until the end of the year. Jorge Kohanoff also visited during October 2015, and Niall English (UCD leader) visits at the beginning of November.

    More information is available at the UNCUYO website: ENACT meets in Mendoza [Spanish Language]

  5. 1 October, 2015
    The ASC welcomes its new PhD students, James Cook, Ryan Kavanagh, Robert Lawrence, Declan Scullion, and Kirsty Whinnery.

  6. 23 September, 2015
    Elton Santos attended the ceremony for the new Queen's Fellows on Monday 21st September 2015. Photo here

  7. 18 September, 2015
    Dawn Thompson won the "Best Student Presentation" prize for her symposium last night at the European Materials Research Society Meeting in Warsaw, Poland. Well done Dawn!

  8. 07 September, 2015
    Today (07-SEPT), Brian Cunningham started working as PDRA on the project "CCP Flagship: Quasiparticle Self-Consistent GW for Next-Generation Electronic Structure" (funded through the EPSRC Software for the Future) together with Myrta Grüening, and in collaboration with Mark van Schilfgaarde and Dr Nicola Bonini (KCL) and Dr. Martin Lueders (STFC, Daresbury).

  9. 07 September, 2015
    Together with partners in the Cork Institute of Technology (RoI) and Virginia Tech (US) Myrta Grüening has been awarded a 3 years grant from DELNI/InvestNI within the US-Ireland R&D Partnership Programme.

  10. 03 August, 2015
    Dr Guerda Massillon-JL, Assistant Professor at Physics Institute, UNAM, México joins the ASC for a year. We all welcome her warmly and hope she enjoys her time here.

  11. 30 July, 2015
    Maeve McAllister has published her first scientific paper: Understanding the Interaction between Low-Energy Electrons and DNA Nucleotides in Aqueous Solution , J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 6, 3091–3097 (2015). Congratulations, Maeve!!

  12. 22 July, 2015
    The ASC@20 celebrations finished up today with research talks on the areas of interest by the current staff at the centre. The main theme being the future of the ASC.

  13. 21 July, 2015
    As part of the ASC@20 celebrations we had a day of research talks from members of the centres past on where they have gone on their research journey since leaving the ASC. The main diner celebration took place at Titanic Belfast where a good night was had by all.

  14. 20 July, 2015
    ASC@20 began with stories recounting the Centre's 20 years history from its beginnings to the modern day. Posible highlight of the day being the BBQ at Cutters Wharf, Belfast, giving all a chance to catch up with old friends and make some new ones.

  15. 7 July, 2015
    Emmet McBride and Terence Sheppard graduated today with their hard earned PhD's from the School of Mathematics and Physics. We wish them the best in their future adventures and endeavours. Well done Doctor McBride and Doctor Sheppard!

  16. 18 June, 2015
    Dawn Thompson won a prize for best poster presentation at a event at the school of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering sponsored by Eli Lilly. Well done Dawn!!!

  17. 15 June, 2015
    The ASC welcome Joas Grossi (UNCuyo, Mendoza, Argentina) who will be visiting with us for the next six months as part of the ENACT project.

  18. 28 May, 2015
    Daniel Dundas and Abigail Wardlow have been awarded 42,000 kAUs on the ARCHER service from the ARCHER Resource Allocation Panel. This resource will be used over the next year in a project entitled “Probing molecular chirality using high harmonic generation”. Well Done!!!

  19. 13 May, 2015
    Elton Santos has been invited to speak at the Center for Nano-structured Graphene (CNG) in Denmark, on May 20th 2015. There will be the annual review for CNG with several invited speakers.

  20. 2 May, 2015
    After 6 months visiting the ASC, Prof Jose Sierra Ortega and Elizabeth Escorcia Salas from Universidad del Magdalena - Santa Marta- Colombia are going back home. During their stay Jose and Elizabeth established fruitful collaborations with several members of the ASC, working in particular with Dr Lorenzo Stella and Dr Myrta Gruning. We wish them a safe trip home and hope to see them back soon. Buen viaje y buena suerte, Jose, Elizabeth y familia!

  21. 30 April, 2015
    Prof. Neepa Maitra (Hunter, CUNY) visits the ASC and gives a stimulating seminar on electron-nuclear dynamics and TDDFT. Over her time here she found time to speak to everyone in the group.

  22. 28 March, 2015
    Michael Ferguson (PhD Student) sets off to Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina to begin his first secondment as part of the ENACT Project. Have a safe adventure in Argentina.

  23. 19 March, 2015
    Opening of a 3 years research fellow position to work with Myrta Grüning, in collaboration with Mark van Schilfgaarde and Nicola Bonini (King's College London) and Martin Lueders (Daresbury Laboratory) on the CCP9 Flagship project “Quasiparticle Self-Consistent GW for Next-Generation Electronic Structure”. See Queen's job openings for more details.

  24. 12 March, 2015
    Myrta Gruening has an invited contribution at the "Green's function methods: the next generation II" workshop that will take place at CECAM-HQ-EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland May 4, 2015 - May 7, 2015. She will present her recent work on Green's function based approaches to nonlinear optics. More info here.

  25. 12 March, 2015
    Myrta Gruening is co-organizing the " Excitations in Realistic Materials using Yambo on Massively Parallel Architectures" held April 13, 2015 to April 17, 2015 at CECAM-HQ-EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland and supported by CECAM and Psi-k. More info here.

  26. 10 March, 2015
    Daniel Dundas has been awarded an eCSE grant from EPSRC to develop "A photoelectron spectrum library for laser-matter interactions". The library will be called POpSiCLE (PhOtoelectron SpeCtrum library for Laser-matter intEractions), and will employ Alejandro de la Calle for one year. Congratulations Dan and Alejandro!

  27. 29 January, 2015
    Elton Santos will be joining the ASC on 24 March 2015, from the SUNCAT center for interface science and catalysis at Stanford University.