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  1. 31 October, 2005
    ASC has now completed the commissioning of our second 64-node dual Opteron compute cluster. This new system has Myrinet interconnect and is housed in our new, dedicated computer room in the basement below our offices. The machine was supplied by five-nine solutions. where further details of the hardware can be found.

  2. 1 October, 2005
    Mike Finnis will be leaving on Jan 1st 2006 to take up a chair at Imperial College of Science and Technology. He will become a regular visitor to the ASC and we look forward to further strengthening our association with the London Nanotechnology Centre and with the new Centre he will be establishing at Imperial.

  3. September, 2005
    We will be joined by Dr Paul Delaney currently at the Tyndall National Institute at Cork, as a University Lecturer in November. Paul's principal interests are Electronic Structure Theory, Quantum Computing and Molecular Electronics.

  4. 28 September, 2005
    Cristian's farewell party. Pictures

  5. August, 2005
    Dr Daniel Dundas will join the ASC as an Academic Fellow, on Nov 1, 2005. Previously he has been in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at Queen's University Belfast, where he was working in time-dependent density functional theory applied to multiphoton processes and laser matter interactions.

  6. August, 2005
    Cristián Sánchez will return to Unidad de Matemática y Física, Facultad de Ciencias Químicas, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina on Oct 4th 2005. He will continue to work closely with the ASC as an International Member; and we wish him the very best in his move.

  7. August, 2005
    Professor PIETRO BALLONE joins the ASC starting on September 1st, 2005
    Prof. Ballone is currently at Dipartimento di Fisica, Università degli Studi di Messina, Sicily

  8. August, 2005
    Tony's car is finally restored! The credit goes to Classic Marques of Crossgar

  9. January, 2005
    RAINER SCHWEINFEST, ANTHONY T. PAXTON & MICHAEL W. FINNIS Breaking news: Bismuth acts big (Nature Highlights)